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Because we’re founded by a licensed contractor and real estate broker, we know exactly what recommendations to give and what it takes to get your client to closing.

Our reports are actually easy to read and understand, even if you’re not a lawyer. See for yourself why we’re so trusted by our customers.


What Inspection Services Should I Choose?

The Home Inspection Bundle is the option most clients need. If you’re buying or selling, this is the industry-standard package with Blueprint’s special touch. 

The Home Inspection Bundle packages a suite of extra services in a discounted price.

Is a Radon Test Important?

The EPA estimates that radon causes lung cancer in non-smokers more than any other source. So yeah, we recommend getting a radon test.

It’s affordable and non-invasive. Blueprint uses cutting-edge tech to ensure accurate measurements for your peace of mind.

How Quickly Can I Make an Appointment?

It’s our policy to have your finished report in your hands within 48 hours because we understand the time pressures of due diligence windows.

Can I Select Multiple Services?

Absolutely! We’re happy to provide you with all the coverage you need to ensure a property you’re selling or buying is safe and ready for use.

Can I Schedule Service for Multiple Properties at Once?

Definitely! You can put any additional addresses for properties in the “Message” section of your scheduling request. When we follow up with you, we’ll confirm the addresses and if there’s an order you’d like us to service them.

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30 Years of Combined Experience

Blueprint Home Inspection’s owners have a background as licensed contractors, plumbers, and real estate brokers. We know what goes into buying and repairing a home. More importantly, we’re committed to providing quality service that helps you and your client close on time.


Custom Reports

Unlike national inspection chains, every one of our reports is written by the inspector who services your home. Each report is unique, created just for you.

Licensed and Insured

Don’t take chances with your home. Blueprint Home Inspection has over 10 certifications. That means we’re experts in every aspect of your home. You can rest easy knowing your home was inspected by knowledgeable inspectors.

We Take Our Training Seriously.

We hold the following certificates to ensure every home is inspected with the latest knowledge and techniques

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